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Wrist Supports


Wrist supports can be used for a wide variety of dis-comfort you may be experiencing. The most common use, however, is to help with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The Carpal Tunnel is a passageway in the wrist through which nerves and the flexor muscles of the hands pass. When a nerve in this passageway is compressed it causes discomfort throughout your hands and sometimes even a numb feeling. Wrist Supports act as a brace so this important passageway stays firm. The support helps the stressed nerve by reducing the amount of turbulence which in turn helps the patient with the pain they may be experiencing.


Common Uses for Wrist Supports


Using the Computer


When sitting at the computer for hours on end, as most of us do these days, our wrist can be in danger. While most of us might not be experiencing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome yet, we are definitely in pain. A brace can help by stiffening up your wrist. This will make your wrist less vulnerable to aching caused by poor wrist-posture when typing or using a computer mouse. A wrist support can help with this achy discomfort you may be going through.




The wrists are very susceptibleto injury. Every time you fall down and save yourself with your hands, it puts an enormous amount of pressure on your wrist. This happens a lot more when you are young then when you are an adult. There are many ways the wrist can be injured. The more common ones being:


  • Falling down
  • Car / bike accident
  • Weight lifting
  • Playing Drums or Guitar


These are just a few ways the wrist can be compromised. Almost always it is a complete accident, but sometimes it is a gradual thing that will sneak up on you. After an injury happens (or you begin to experience pain) your doctor will often point you in the direction of a wrist support. Sometimes the injury is more serious and requires that you get a second look or maybe even surgery. Your medical professional will know what is best for you.


Sports and Wrist Braces


Nearly any sport can harm the wrists, even fishing! Even sports that don't require usage of hands like soccer(football) still involve a whole lot of falling down. People involved in sports from bowling to tennis all could be having wrist problems. Are you ignoring them? Let's go over a few sports examples.


Bowling is "all in the wrist" if you ask us. Your wrist can make or break your game. Your game, however, can also make or break your wrist! Some bowlers that feel a lot of pressure on their wrist use a support while they are bowling. This is not an entirely bad idea, but some bowlers say it takes away from their game and just put it on afterwards.


Often times we forget how rough of a sport hockey is until we see someone get smashed into the boards. If you are a player then you know that you're constantly using your wrist. Whether it is catching your fall on the ice, shooting a one timer, or using your stick to keep you on your feet - your wrist is continuously in use. A support for an ache or injury can help greatly when worn off the ice.


One of the coolest extreme sports is skateboarding. Though it may be awesome and also enthralling to watch, it involves a lot of falls. In skateboarding this is normal, it is how you learn - by picking yourself back up. Hard falls can take a toll on your wrists because it is only natural that you stop yourself with the palms of your hands. Wrist braces are usually kept on the sidelines at most sponsored extreme sports events.


Tennis demands split second decisions. Those decisions then translate into swinging a racket as well-organized as one can do in a tenth of a second. Tennis balls can sometimes fly over 50 mph and it's important to keep your wrist ready for the impact. Wrist supports can help with tennis on and off the court. On the court it can give you more stability. Off the court they can help your with recovering aches and pains.

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