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Touch Tonic is brought to you by the same people that bring you STbands. What is it? Well, Touch Tonic sells texting gloves for capacitive touchscreen phones and also other unique accessories to use with your touch screen device. What are you waiting for? Get your touchscreen gloves today.
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Want To Use Your Touch Device While Wearing Gloves?



Now You Can with Touch Screen Gloves. With a lot of touch screen devices on the market and many more coming out it is important to have a pair of gloves that will work with them. Both Men's and Womens styles available. Learn more below.

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The lycra Touch Screen Gloves are perfect for many different occasions including cold winter days, cycling, running and more. These gloves are made with an extra thin layer of electro conductive material on the thumb and pointer finger. This allows them work great with any touch screen phone, tablet or laptop track pad. They will also work on any other touch screen devices that you may have.



Why You Need Touch Screen Gloves



Many of us have touch screen phones and other devices. In the winter time this becomes quite a hassle because the screens only respond to our actual fingers. Meaning all the gloves we are currently wearing will not work with a modern capacitive touch screen. So whether you are shoveling snow or just going for a walk, simple actions like checking your facebook or texting become and issue. Instead of just pulling your phone out to check your messages or play with an app, you have to first pull off your current pair of gloves, making it way harder than it should be.

Luckily touch screen compatible gloves are a great solution. A great place to buy touch gloves is Touch Tonic. You will never have to deal with taking your gloves off again to check your tablet or phone. This makes tasks you do on a daily bases much easier.


Helps with Important tasks such as:

  • Checking your email
  • Sending a text message in the cold
  • Making calls and listening to voicemails
  • Browsing the internet
  • Taking Photo's



Gloves that are compatible with touch screens are also great for playing all your games. With all the apps available you can find many other important uses personalized to your experience.




Seamless Integration


If you're like most people you have a phone, tablet and a laptop that you hall around. Some may even have touch screen tablets. When it's chilly out you no longer have to worry about feeling comfortable typing on your laptop and checking your phone. The gloves are compatible with your laptop's track pad and are comfortable to type with. This makes your capability much easier.


Capacitive Screen Gloves and Physical Activity


The lycra gloves are also extremely useful while engaging in physical activity. Many of us sweat a lot during activities like running, cycling, and working out. Gloves for touch screens make it easy to operate your touch screen device without clobbering it with sweat, which is especially handy during running. The material the gloves are made of is lightweight, comfy and breathable. The inside is made of piled fleece material which has a wind resistance property. The fleece will leave your skin feeling comfortable and give your hands space to breathe.


The Material of the Gloves


The material make-up of the touch screen gloves is very comfortable. For the Lycra pair It is 87% polyester and 13% spandex giving you a fit that is comfortable and will last. Here is some additional information on the make-up of the touch screen gloves:


  • Comfortable and versatile
  • Will not lose appearance
  • Water Repellant
  • Machine Washable
  • Eliminates Moisture
  • Works with all touch screen devices


Get your Touch Screen Gloves now! Choose from Men's and Women's styles.













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