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Sweat GUTR Headband

Sweatbands for a Promotional Use


Custom sweatbands are great for running promotions at various different events. We've worked hand in hand with musicians, sports teams, schools, and many other organizations to help design the best bulk sweatbands for their occasion. The sweatbands can have your logo or text embroidered directly onto them. Quality on all of our custom products are carefully considered, to get a glimpse of our high quality please see our work. Promotional sweatbands are not only a great attention getter, but are also highly effective when it comes to an actual campaign. When you hand sweat bands out people are likely to put them on right then and there as opposed to waiting. This is potent for your promotional purpose because the sweat bands will be captured in many pictures and filter there way around the web. We would love to help you on your bulk order of custom wrist sweatbands, custom headbands, custom armbands, or plain sweatbands.


Head Sweatbands


Head sweatbands are used in sports like basketball, soccer, tennis, and others. They provide great sweat resistance which keeps you more focused no matter what you are doing. Losing your hand-eye coordination when playing sports can be game threatening, not to mention that sweat burns when it hits the eyes. Many people love wearing head sweatbands for a cause as well. If you are running a fundraiser headbands are a great product that will draw a lot of attention to your cause. Some of our clients have done events in which at the start only a few people bought head sweatbands, but by the end of it nearly everyone was wearing a headband with their saying on it. This is how powerful headbands can be when it comes to merch. Also check out plain headbands.


Wrist Sweatbands


Wrist sweatbands can be seen on most of your favorite basketball and baseball players while they're playing. Sports sweatbands have become increasingly popular over the past few years. The main reason is that they can now be customized to tailor to the needs of your organization. It used to be that only a team in a higher up league could customize sweat bands, today that is not the case. We've worked with many high schools, colleges, little leagues, and adult leagues. The options these days are wide open to make your team's appearance as cool as possible with bulk sweatbands. Also see our plain wristbands section.


Sweat bands are also good to make a fashion statement. We've worked with a few very creative individuals that are establishing new brands. It's good to see personalized embroidered sweat bands with their logo on them being sold in stores. If you have an idea like this please feel free to contact us as we love working to create a logo around your needs.


We Design For You!


If you are having trouble thinking up a design for your customized sweatbands there is no reason to worry! STbands will help you along the way. Simply email us with a general idea of the design you wish to see on the sweatband and we will make it happen. We will design your logo FREE!

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