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Magnetic Ionic Bracelets

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No Problem Ion Balance Bracelet
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Magnetic Technology



For centuries scientists have talked about the benefits of magnets have on the human body. Magnets, unlike other forms of healing, are said to promote healthy cell regeneration. How do they do this? Basically the earth has a big magnetic field around it which protects us from radiation. Modern gadgets shield us from this natural field that is in place to protect us. Wearing a magnetic bracelet or necklace can interact positively with this natural field and have the following benefits:


  • Relieve Arthritis
  • Improve Blood Flow
  • Promotes Relaxation
  • Increase Well-Being


Magnetic healing can help you out tremendously if you are having pain. They are mostly used in conjunction with Ionic technology.


Ionic Technology


There are two types of Ions: Positive and Negative. We are basically surrounded by positive ions. Everything from our phones to our laptops is putting out positive ions, which can at times make us feel electric. This can also lead to stress and feeling uncomfortable. Most people do not get exposure to an adequate amount of negative Ions, which can balance this uneasy feeling that being around too many positive ions can give us.



Negative Ions are abundant in the rain forest, near waterfalls and plants. Sadly, in most urban areas, there are hardly any negative Ions. This is wear a negative ionic bracelet can do wonders. Brands like Trion:Z use a unique patented technology called Mineon Health Fibers, which is a textile that releases abundant amounts of negative Ions. If you live near a city or work a modern job there is a good chance you are not getting enough negative ions.


Fusing both Magnets and Negative Ions Together


When you combine the positive benefits of negative ions and the healing properties wearing magnets can have – they make a great duo. For example, wearing a magnetic ionic necklace or bracelet can have a positive impact your clarity of mind, especially during a hectic work day. If you like this type of health bracelet technology, also check out our balance wristbands.

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