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No Problem Ion Balance Bracelet
Was: $19.99
Now: $14.99
Was: $19.99
Now: $14.99

About Health Bracelets


Health bracelets have been around for centuries with the basic idea that certain technologies can help you live a more balanced and well-tuned life. In the beginning health bracelets and wellness necklaces were not widely available and only practiced in some cultures. Now, in present day, the technology is available to everyone to experiment with.


There are different kinds of wellness bracelets. The most common types are magnetic / Ionic and holographic balance. The technology found in magnetic wristbands has been fine-tuned over time to what it is today.  


Magnetic / Ionic Technology


The basic idea behind magnetic wristbands and necklaces is to protect your body from radiation and promote healthy cell re-generation. Some people use the term "magnetic energy" to describe the effect the health bracelets have on them.


Some magnetic bands are also infused with negative Ions. The negative ions can have a very powerful effect on people that wear it. During our day to day lives we are constantly interacting with different types of modern technology (phones, mp3 players, tablets, and so on). These products expose us to many positive ions. When wearing a negative ion bracelet we will feel more balanced because the ions will even themselves out. Some of the most popular magnetic wellness bracelet brands are Trion:Z and NoProblem.


Holographic Balance Technology


The holographic balance bracelets are among the most talked about phenomenon’s today. People rave that when they wear the bracelet they have more balance, strength and flexibility. The holographic chip that is found in these bands is infused with a certain frequency that makes all this happen. There are many live examples of how the holographic technology works with wellness bracelets in shopping malls across world. One of the most popular brands of balance bracelets is Trion Z, which also sells health necklaces that are popular with MMA fighters.


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