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Sweat GUTR Headband


Head Sweatbands


Sweat Headbands


Headbands can be used for many different occasions. Some of these include sporting, promotional, and fundraising events. Head sweatbands help greatly when it comes to catching the sweat before it hits the eyes. This really helps when playing action packed sports such as cycling and basketball. Promotional efforts these days are kind of boring, until the option to customize sweat headbands. Since this option has been available many organizations are now able to finally achieve some of their most sought after creative efforts. Since the sports headbands can be customized able they also work excellent for fund raising efforts. Some of these efforts include raising money for disease, the environment, political campaigns, and awareness. With headbands the options are really endless. We are up for the idea, if you are!


Headbands for Sports



A while ago cyclist use to have to put up with sweat dripping in their eyes, constantly whipping it off because of the sting. Not many people realize this but, that is a huge energy waster. When cycling the last thing you should be worrying about is sweat. That's why at STbands.com we have two great options for sweat stoppers. The cotton sweat headband and the much sought after Sweat GUTR.  



Balls are flying at over 60 miles per hour. One must make decisions in a tenth of a second. This is why tennis is unlike any sport. It is a very strategic and high energy game. One TV many of the stars wear sweatbands, and this is mostly not for fashion purposes. Sweat in your eyes can really put a dent in your decision making. Sweat headbands really work to put an end to this which minimizes your errors.


Basketball and Soccer

Basketball and soccer are two more high fast pace games that will have you sweating like a dog! But, fear not - both of these again can be controlled with sweat headbands. Many organizations also like the option to customize the sports headbands, which really seems to work well for the sponsors and teams.


Promotional Headbands


The option to customize this product has really made tremendous impact on the promotional community. This is such a creative product that musicians are starting to sell them as merchandise over t-shirts... and it's working amazingly well! Of course many companies purchase promotional sweatbands to pass out for free at events. The cool thing about head sweatbands is, unlike t-shirt, people often put them on right away. It's very interesting to see at an event. Usually one person grabs a headband, puts it on, and the rest of the people come swarming to find where they can get their hands on one. Before the end of the event you have over a thousand walking advertisements. If that's not branding, I don't know what is!


Creative Design


For almost all of our custom designs we recommend embroidery. However, we offer other options such as woven label and screen printing. The option for printed headbands means that there are virtually no boundaries to how complicated your logo can be.


Planning an Event


There is nothing we like more here at STbands.com than to help you out when using your headbands. Many people are very curious what we think and we are happy to tell them our ideas.


How to use Sweat Headbands for Promo


Many people wonder how to use these bands for promo effectively. Let me run you through an example of how a lot of organizations use these. Imagine your event is in two months. Everything is set except the main promotional product hasn't been decided yet. Scrambling for ideas you think about the possibilities of customized head sweatbands. You submit your logo and receive a free digital proof with how the product will turn out.


After a few weeks you receive your customized product in the mail. They are looking good and ready for the event. Your organization begins to ponder about the best way to go about handing these out. Should you hand them out to everyone? Should they only be handed out to people who are interested in your products?


The answer is largely that your organization should hand these out to people who visit your booth and are interested in your cause. However, there are some cases where it is more effective to have 4 or 5 different posts around the event to hand the headbands out. An example of this would be if you are promoting a clean environment and your efforts are not to draw people to your booth, but more so just to make a difference.

Your group decides to go with the idea of just handing them out to people who come to visit your booth. After an hour you have handed out 8 headbands. Every hour after that your number doubles, people begin to swarm your booth for information, and also promotional headbands. As long as your design is simple, people will love it. That's the bottom line.


Head Sweatbands for Fundraising


Fundraising can be a tricky subject. There are many different kinds of fund raising. Some examples are fund raising for your political campaign or environment initiative to far more serious types of fundraising such as disease cures.


If a fundraiser is for a good cause, such as curing a disease, people will already have a reason to donate to it. It is the fundraising that is for political or social field trips that are much harder to raise money for. Not everyone one is interested in paying for your French classes trip to France.


However, there is a way to fundraise like a pro. One can do this, firstly, but giving the people they would like to donate an incentive to buy. A great way to do this and an example I like to use a lot is holding a raffle. A raffle, a promotional product such as headbands, and a prize can do your fund raising campaign a massive amount of goodness! The good news is, most of the local restaurants in your town will donate the prize to you... for promotional purposes!

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