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Making Custom Wrist Sweatbands Has Never Been This Easy!
Each year we help hundreds of organizations design sweatbands with their logo. They use the sweatbands for promotion, sporting events, memorials and much more. Getting started on your custom order is easy. Simply fill out the form below to upload a logo or tell us your idea.
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Custom Wrist Sweatbands Form




Wristband Pricing


Note: Prices are estimates only, as no custom orders are the same. For exact pricing, please fill out the form.


Quantity Cost Per Band
100 - 249 $2.99
250 - 499 $1.79
500 - 749 $1.69
750 - 999 $1.49
1000 - 1249 $1.29
1250 - 1499 $1.24
1500 - 1999 $1.19
2000 - 2999 $1.14
3000 - 3999 $1.09
4000 - 4999 $1.04
5000 - 7499 0.99
7500 - 9999 0.94
10000+ 0.89 or Less


Custom Gets FREE Shipping!




Can we do a custom size?

Yes, the wristbands are completely customizable. Everything from color to specific dimensions can be made exactly how you would like.


Is there a set up fee?

Nope, we don't believe in set up fees! Also, shipping is FREE.


Custom Wrist Sweatbands


Custom wrist sweatbands are great for promotional purposes as well as merchandise. If you are a growing company than it is good to take the necessary steps to get your brand out there. Embroidered wristbands really help to add a glow to your brand because they are both unique and creative to most people.




Wholesale cotton wristbands are also used for sports and school fundraisers. Sweatband wristbands are worn by basketball, football, soccer, and tennis players around the world. Both globally (the world sports) and locally (high schools) people are taking advantage of the fact that they can now customize their own wrist sweat bands. Sweat wristbands are commonly made with the school logo either for the players or the fans. Some of the clients we work with sell these sports sweatbands at the half-time of their games. This raises money for different aspects of the organization and usually generates great school spirit.


Embroidered Wristbands for Promotion


Personalized sweatbands can be good for party and event promotions. Having made custom cotton wristbands for weddings, bachelor, and bachelorette party's we know this can be a very fun process! Embroidered wristbands are not only highly noticeable in pictures, but unlike your party hats and napkins, they will also live on much longer than the night of the party.


Wrist Sweat Bands as Custom Band Merch


Personalized wrist sweatbands have been used for promotions at concerts since way back when. We've worked with a few bands to create an environment and a custom product that will make their fans remember them forever. Consider the following: A band is playing a bigger show and they must leave a lasting impression and also a way for their fans to find them again. Their live show is very awesome and they are extremely happy with it. They are looking for an inexpensive way to communicate with the new fans they will be gaining. T-shirts are just too much for this show and there won't be enough, not to mention they'll need different sizes. They stumble across sweatbands that can be customized with their logo. They purchase 1000 wrist sweatbands with their logo and website so now their fans will have a clear path to get back to them, and also a great memory.


Personalized Custom Sweatbands for Fashion


Many of our clients are popular clothing brands. It's important to distinguish your brand from others and custom cotton wristbands are a perfect route to take. How does it work? Well once you contact us with a logo than we will make you a free digital image proof of your customized cotton wristband. After you confirm this to your standards and place the order we will begin production. The embroidery on the wristbands is of the highest quality on the market. We are a company who is constantly improving our quality standards and will be upfront with you about how your artwork will turn out on the custom wristbands. Production usually takes about 2-3 weeks although there always are special cases. Please chat with us or fill out an inquiry about your custom sweat wristbands and we will get you started!


Also check out our selection of plain wristbands. These are great to buy if you just need a few for your team or event. You can also order these in bulk at wholesale rates. We pride ourselves on having the highest quality sweatbands on the market.


We Will Design For You!

If you are having trouble thinking up a design for your custom wrist sweatbands there is no reason to worry! We will help you along the way. Simply fill out the form above with a general idea of the design you wish to see on the sweatband and we will make it happen.

These are great for sports like basketball, tennis, football, baseball, softball, and many others. A lot of our clients also use them as a custom promotional item or product to further carry their brand.


Want to order Wholesale Sweatbands?

Simply fill in the form above and we will get you started on ordering wholesale sweatbands in bulk!


Outstanding Quality!

All of our sweatbands are made of 80% Cotton and 20% Spandex. Your logo will be embroidered (sewn) directly onto the wristband. We work hand in hand with our customers to design and produce the best personalized sweatbands on the market. We'll do whatever it takes to make sure that it looks exactly how you want it.


Other names for this item:

Custom wrist sweatbands are commonly associated with the terms sweatbands wristbands and embroidered wristband also.


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