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Design Headbands With Your Organizations Logo!


Each year we help hundreds of organizations design headbands with their logo. They use our headbands for promotion, sporting events, memorials and much more. Getting started on your custom order is easy. Simply fill out the form below to upload a logo or tell us your idea.

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Custom Headbands







Headband Pricing


Note: Prices are estimates only, as no custom orders are the same. For exact pricing, please fill out the form.


Quantity Cost Per Band
100 - 249 $3.59
250 - 499 $2.15
500 - 749 $2.03
750 - 999 $1.79
1000 - 1249 $1.55
1250 - 1499 $1.49
1500 - 1999 $1.43
2000 - 2999 $1.37
3000 - 3999 $1.31
4000 - 4999 $1.25
5000 - 7499 1.19
7500 - 9999 1.13
10000+ 1.07 or Less


Custom Gets Free Shipping




Can we do a custom size?

Yes, the headtbands are completely customizable. Everything from color to specific dimensions can be made exactly how you would like.


Is there a set up fee?

Nope, we don't believe in set up fees! Also, shipping is FREE.

Custom Headbands for Sports


Custom headbands are commonly worn by your favorite basketball, soccer or tennis player. It doesn't really end there because many activities involve the use of sports headbands. The primary use of course is to stop the sweat from dripping into your eyes, which not only burns but can also compromise your game. The secondary reason most teams wear these is the fact that they get to show team pride by having their logo embroidered onto the head sweatbands. This is a fairly huge deal to many players both in big and smaller leagues. See our quality of embroidery below...



Basketball Headbands


Basketball headbands work great to keep your eyes focused in on the game. Sports headbands do this by preventing sweat from dripping down into your eyes at the most crucial times in the game. They are the most crucial because it's likely that you aren't sweating much during the first part of the game but when it comes down to the fourth quarter sweat can really take a toll on your vision. Your hand eye coordination is possibly the most important thing when it comes to basketball. Your reaction time is everything so head sweatbands will really help to keep the sweat out of your eyes.


Soccer Headbands


When it comes to sports like soccer, head bands serve pretty much the same purpose. Soccer headbands help improves your foot-eye coordination as opposed to your hand eye, which are commonly associated with other sports. Bulk headbands barely weigh anything and you will soon forget you are even wearing them on the field. The fact that you can either get them plain or customized with your logo makes them even more versatile with your budget.


Wholesale Headbands for Promotional Events


Wholesale headbands have been used at promotional events for a while. Whether they are sold or given out these headbands happen to be a HUGE deal. It could be a huge soccer tournament or new years eve, but you can be sure to see nearly everyone wearing a promotional product like these. We've seen people pay up to $20 for head sweatbands just to capture the memory of certain events.


Band Merchandise


Yes, your favorite bands are getting pretty creative. A few of the bands we have worked with have gone past custom sweat wristbands and t-shirts into the personalized headbands realm. This just goes to show that creativity on merchandise is only limited to the band itself. A few bands we've worked with have bought wholesale sweatbands for special concerts. These head sweatbands turned out to be tremendously successful in getting fans back to their site. The headbands also do wonders to show up in pictures around many social networks, which give the band even more reach.


Event Promotion


For small and large scale event promotion we recommend custom headbands. The reason is simple. If you know this is an event in which people will be taking pictures and you can get everyone to wear headbands, than your event will live on for A WHILE. Let me explain. Since 80% of people are on some sort of social network, it is likely that they will upload a photo of themselves wearing your head bands. If you have your logo big enough on a custom headband than you can be sure that it will be an instant advertisement to everyone who views the photo. Now, that's creative marketing.


Also, check out plain headbands. These have no logo and can be bought at bulk wholesale prices.


Interested in getting a custom designed headband?


We specialize in making custom head sweatbands. These bands work wonders to help support your team, school fund raiser, event, or can be worn as a fashion accessory. If your school has a logo or saying we can put it on a headband. The good thing about personalized sweatbands and headbands is that they will look good and fit great as a promotional item too!


Want to order Wholesale Headbands?

Simply fill in the form above and we will get you started on ordering wholesale headbands in bulk! These are great for basketball, tennis and other sports.


We Design For You!


If you are having trouble thinking up a design for your customized headbands there is no reason to worry! STbands will help you along the way. Simply email us with a general idea of the design you wish to see on the sweatband and we will make it happen. We will design your logo free! We pride ourselves on having the highest qaulity custom headbands on the market. 


Outstanding Quality!


All of our headbands are made of 80% Cotton and 20% Spandex. Your logo will be embroidered (sewn) directly onto the headband. We work hand in hand with our customers to design and produce the best head sweatbands. We'll do whatever it takes to make sure that it looks exactly how you want it.




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