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The Easiest Way to Put Your Logo on Armbands!


Each year we help hundreds of organizations design armbands with their logo. They use our armbands for promotion, sporting events, memorials and much more. Getting started on your custom order is easy. Simply fill out the form below to upload a logo or tell us your idea.

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Custom Armbands Form




Armband Pricing


Note: Prices are estimates only, as no custom orders are the same. For exact pricing, please fill out the form.


Quantity Cost Per Band
100 - 249 $3.29
250 - 499 $1.97
500 - 749 $1.86
750 - 999 $1.64
1000 - 1249 $1.42
1250 - 1499 $1.36
1500 - 1999 $1.31
2000 - 2999 $1.25
3000 - 3999 $1.20
4000 - 4999 $1.14
5000 - 7499 1.09
7500 - 9999 1.03
10000+ 0.98 or Less


Custom Gets Free Shipping




Can we do a custom size?

Yes, the armbands are completely customizable. Everything from color to specific dimensions can be made exactly how you would like.


Is there a set up fee?

Nope, we don't believe in set up fees! Also, shipping is FREE.

Custom Armbands


Custom armbands are commonly used for merchandise, a promotional item, or for sports. We've seen some sports like tennis, football, and basketball take advantage of this sweat absorber. Although mostly seen in sports it is not exclusive to this category. We'll dig into how personalized armbands have struck popularity in a number of different cool categories.



Personalized Armbands as a Promotional Product


The cool thing about personalized armbands is they really allow you to embroider your logo nice and big on them. Big means visibility, and in turn visibility means more impressions. Promotional armbands are both fun and easy to wear, which makes them highly acceptable at events. We've worked with chef's who just want establish an image while cooking to sports stars who want to leave an impression on their fans by throwing out their armbands to the crowd. Either way the goal is the same, to establish an image. These wholesale promotional armbands used to be hard to customize, now they can be ordered pain free here.


Wholesale Armbands for Sports


As mentioned earlier one of the top used for armbands is for sports. They are very flashy items and can be seen one most of your favorite sport stars arms when watching them play. Sports armbands can be ordered in bulk with the choice of a logo or no logo. If you do decide to go with a logo it will be embroidered in the highest quality standards on the market. Having worked with thousands of customers we know what works best for customized sports armbands. We would be happy to give you any design advice that you need and also help you create a logo free of charge.


Basketball Armbands


Basketball armbands are used primarily to prevent sweat from rolling down a players arm. Without sweat armbands most players would have very sweaty hands, which would cause the ball to slip out of their hands at important moments in the game. They also double as a great team spirit product that can be sold at halftime or in your school's spirit shop.


Football Armbands


Armbands in football are mostly used as a fashion statement, although they do absorb sweat. When a football player is getting ready to play it's much like a gladiator putting on his armor. It sounds cheesy buy it really pumps the team up to have accessories to "prepare for battle" as they say. Many leagues will order special armbands for certain causes such as breast cancer or leukemia. It's good for the community to notice that their football team understands these problems and is also raising money for the issue. These armbands can be bought in a larger size or a smaller size depending on preference.


Bulk Armbands as Koozie's

Yes, it's possible. Though we didn't think of this on our own it is a pretty fun way to make use of armbands customized with your logo. If you don't need a logo on your armbands order plain armbands, which we also sell at a wholesale discounted price. These promotional armbands have been used at many different types of events and it is safe to say they are good for just about anything!


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