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Breast Cancer Wristbands

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Welcome to our breast cancer bracelets page. Many people use our breast cancer bracelets for fund raising or to raise awareness about a condition many women (and men) face. Regardless of how you plan to use your bracelets we can help because we are able to customize sweatbands and silicone wristbands. Just ask us!


Using the Bracelets for a Breast Cancer Fundraiser


Many organizations that orders breast cancer bands from us uses them to raise funds for charity. We offer low prices and bulk discount rates to make it possible for you to run a successful fund raising event. It’s important to us that you are able to successfully raise the money because if not than what is the point, right? Some people who run athletic events, such as football or basketball, prefer pink sweatbands as opposed to the silicone wristbands.


Raise Awareness about Breast Cancer with Silicone Bands


Some companies, both large and small, use breast cancer bracelets to raise awareness. They do this by ordering breast cancer bracelets in bulk and then passing them out as events. As it turns out this is both good for the companies and the victims, as people tend to make their donations online after the event. When trying to pull off something like this we understand cost is an issue. This is why we offer wholesale pricing that is unbeatable.


Common Colors and Designs


The most common colors for breast cancer are pink and white. Some people like to mix black, pink and white, this makes a really awesome custom designed wristbands. Including a breast cancer ribbon Is also very important. Our own Think Pink wristbands have this ribbon and are very popular for fundraisers and other breast cancer related events.


When it comes to breast cancer awareness merchandise, silicone wristbands are definitely a great (and cost effective) choice. Order breast cancer bracelets online or call 1-810-515-8290.

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