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Balance Wristbands - Holographic Bracelets


How Can You Benefit? Balance wristbands are intended to help the body maintain a healthy level of stability, strength, energy and flexibility. When you slip one on the result is almost subtle, but when you do a few tests it becomes obvious that these balance bracelets do work and are good for your well-being.

For example with EFX wristbands, a popular kind of holographic bracelet, you can do a simple test to prove the technology. That's all you have to do is put your arms out like a T and balance on one foot. Then have someone try to press down on one of your elbows. Then try the same thing with a balance wristband on. You'll notice that the second time you do this with the wristband on, your arm will have a harder time going down. This is a signal that your body's balance is more in-tact when the wristband is worn. Some people are so amazed by this that they do it 20 times before they can believe it.


Balance wristbands increase the natural electric current that every human produces. Athletes from all major sports have tested and verified that these holographic balance bracelets work.


Balance Necklaces


Holographic balance chips are also made inside of necklaces, which getting popular with various athletes. MMA fighters, basketball players and other athletes all take advantage of balance necklaces. With training being as rigorous as it is these days, any advantage you can have over your opponent can make all the difference. 


Who Uses A Balance Bracelet?


Users range from normal every day non-athletic individuals to people who climb mountains, play basketball, football and other activities. The fact that this technology is now easily wearable makes it easy for anyone to enjoy the benefits a balance wristband provides.

You might wear your new balance wristband while...


  • Playing a tennis match.
  • Going on a hike with friends.
  • Working a long day at the office.
  • Staying up to study for a final.


All in all, most people prefer to just leave holographic bracelets on wherever they go because it keeps things in alignment and helps their energy levels.


Other Types of Wristbands


There are many different types of health and balance wristbands including ionic bracelets, magnetic bracelets, titanium wristbands, copper bracelets, and hematite bracelets. Of course the list goes on and one. We will be populating our site as we get them in.

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