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Touch Tonic
Touch Tonic is brought to you by the same people that bring you STbands. What is it? Well, Touch Tonic sells texting gloves for capacitive touchscreen phones and also other unique accessories to use with your touch screen device. What are you waiting for? Get your touchscreen gloves today.
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Use Your Touch Device & Stay Warm

It’s the unspoken dilemma. This time around it is the question – “Why don’t my gloves work with my touch screen phone or tablet?” Even as you keep trying to use the screen with your gloves on it doesn’t seem to respond. Finally your brain says – “Maybe I should take this glove off”. It is almost like the doors that look like they push in, when really you have to pull out. Your brain is fooled.




The good news is, now you don’t have to take off your gloves to use your touch device. We are introducing Touch Screen Gloves. These gloves are thin, comfortable, warm and will work perfectly with any touch device. They come is both a Men’s and Women’s style.


How do the gloves work?


The technology and innovation is all at the tips of the pointer finger and thumb. The material on these locations is made with an extra thin layer of electro conductive material. This allows the use of the mobile devices, such as phones, laptops, tablets, etc to be easily accessible without having to remove your gloves.

Check out Touch Tonic for some great touch screen texting gloves!

So now when you are out in the winter time – whether you’re shoveling snow or walking down the street on a nice day – you won’t have to worry about quickly taking your gloves off (and risk dropping your phone) when it rings. It was a dilemma, but now this dilemma is solved and you can purchase touch screen gloves.


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