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Sports Wristbands


Sports wristbands are used by athletes across the globe. These stylish pieces of cotton help to absorb sweat which can make a tremendous difference in one’s game. The wristbands also serve as a great accessory to match the sports teams’ uniform. The bands are available in many different colors, all of which are machine washable and durable.





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The Problem with Sweat…


Sweat is a part of the game that rarely comes up in conversation. No one wants to talk about this horrid, yet very natural, fluid that their body releases. It shouldn’t be overlooked because many errors happen in a sports game because of sweating. Whether it is sweat dripping into the eyes or trickling down your arm onto your hands – the fluid can make slip-ups happen a lot more frequently. When playing sports on a regular schedule wristbands and headbands seem to help greatly. Headbands help keep the sweat from rolling down and affecting your vision, while wristbands help absorb sweat before it becomes a threat hands.

Sports and Usages


Cotton wristbands are used in sports such as baseball, basketball, football, tennis, soccer and running. Those are just a few of the long list. Alternatively wristbands are also used by musicians to protect the fluid from a slipped up drum stick or guitar pick. Sports wristbands are commonly worn by our favorite athletes. They look really nice because they are customized with a logo. The reason they wear them, however, is to stop the sweat from interfering with their game.




Basketball is a side-to-side game that is fast pace. After the first quarter most of us are drenched in sweat. It’s important that we have headbands and wristbands to halt this sweat. Jump ahead to the fourth quarter and it can be a real problem. No one likes to see a slip up on the could have been game winning shot. Slip ups from sweat can happen when:


  • Taking a jump shot
  • Passing to a teammate
  • Dribbling down the court
  • Going for a simple lay-up
  • Dunking (the most embarrassing)


Do I have your attention about basketball wristbands now? Good, but this is only one sport that can utilize wristbands. Let’s talk about some more, shall we?




Talk about nonstop action – tennis will have you drenched in no time! With this sport, wristbands are definitely needed. If you don’t believe me flip on the TV or go on youtube to watch a tennis match. Tennis is a smart game that is filled with strategy and athleticism. That is why when balls are flying back and forth at over 50 miles-per-hour you will not want to worry about sweat. If you wear the sports wristbands above each hand it will ensure that there are no racket slip-ups. Alternatively you can wear the wristbands higher on the arm, although this is not done in many sports besides football. Speaking of football…




We are talking about American football here. The name still doesn’t make sense to me since all you use your feet for is running and field goals. Anyway, football wristbands and elbow bands are very useful. They are worn by almost everyone on the team. In most cases, the quarterback even gets a special sports band that has many of the teams plays written on it. Wide-receivers usually wear the wristbands higher on their arm. This helps them hold on to the ball by absorbing in all the sweat while they are running around.

Sports Wristbands – A Must Have

When playing sports it is essential not to let sweat get in the way. That is why wristbands so beneficial. Check out plain cotton wristbands or customize your own!


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