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Sports Bracelets and Necklaces


Whether it is basketball, baseball, wrestling, tennis or MMA sports bracelets and necklaces are an upcoming trend that cannot be ignored. But, are they a good luck charm or do they actually provide a benefit to athletes?



With the many different kinds of sports necklaces and bracelets it is easy to be overwhelmed. You have magnetic technology, negative ion technology, copper, titanium, holographic technology and many more being developed. So you must sort through these different health bracelets to see which ones would actually be of use to you. While there are no scientific claims I will go through what the brands say about the technologies.


Magnetic Technology


First up is magnetic bracelets, which according to top manufacturers like Trion:Z, are suppose to give your physiology clarity in a work full of electronics and stimulation. Magnetic technology is also said to promote healthy cell regeneration and help with certain conditions like arthritis or joint pain.


Negative Ion Technology


We all have a cell phone, home computer, office computer, MP3 players, and other gadgets that keep us virtually electric throughout our day. We never seem to get a good amount of nature, especially if we live in or near a city. This is the type of problem wearing a negative ion bracelet can help, according to many industry experts. All of the electronic gadgets you have put out positive ions and your body never seems to get a good amount of negative ions. Wearing a negative ion accessory can help this.


Holographic Technology


The description and technology built into holographic balance bracelets seems the most alien-like from all the others. According to the founders of Power Balance, many secret frequencies are programmed into a hologram chip. When this hologram chip comes in close contact with your body, apparently it can do some pretty amazing things like: Improve balance, flexibility, strength and athleticism. Pretty bold claims, but when you have as many top notch sports players endorsing it, than it must be doing something. It…Must…Be.




Copper is one of the oldest approaches to holistic healing, going as far back as the Chinese empire. Many kings and emperors believed that copper promoted wellness, health and energy. Today copper is more commonly associated with helping with joint pain and arthritis. Many people wear copper bracelets to help with these conditions and it has worked for many people.


All in all, sports bracelets can help on a case by case basis. Many celebrities and sports stars wear necklaces and bracelets like these to gain some sort of edge over there competition. In fact some swear by the technologies talked about above.  Be sure to purchase the sports necklace or bracelet that resonates most with your needs.


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